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My world-wide photo-credits include Newsweek Magazine (LEAD photo, for cover story on Comet Hale Bopp in '97), CNN, ABC News, CBS News, PBS. Also, for trucks & off-road racing -- photo-credits in all of the 3 major off-road magazines: Off-Road, Petersen's 4 Wheel & Offroad, 4-Wheeler (as well as writing articles w/photos with all three). Below are 2 pages which have a few highlight images (a more comprehensive set will be uploaded in the near future) of my tenure as off-road race photographer ('90 - '92):

* off-road racing: "air-shots"
* off-road racing: crashes

My scientific photo-credits include Tenmon Guide, Sky & Telescope, Astronomy, New Scientist.

My engineering/scientific work has also received world-wide acclaim (for example, see feedback from my recent solar-eclipse expedition). I have had many technical publications (areas of Computer Vision, Image Processing & Computer Graphics). My specialty is a strong technical background (3 engineering degress, with PhD), with a specialty in computers & rigorous mathematical analysis. I have the unique ability to traverse the practical ("real world", i.e. building hardware or software design/development) & theoretical ("laboratory research", i.e. algorithm development, simulation) areas, which gives me an edge in being an "impact player". I have an interesting portfolio in research & development (pure & applied), involving a diverse # areas. I am formerly with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Computer Graphics Division & Image Processing Division), & currently operate a one-man Think-Tank consulting service. I have a strong track-record, for getting SIGNFICANT results, & doing it FAST. It's no surprise, that I have an affinity to the motor-racing community (especially off-road), where the operative phrase is "Our Minds Are Always Racing", "Technology on the Fast Track", etc. I am currently pursuing various engineering projects, in the highly competitive & fast-paced arena of auto-racing technology.


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