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Multiple Function Lighter Than Air Platform

- Deployable at 0~23 km altitude, but usually deployed at 16~21 km altitude (depending on latitude and other conditions).
- Above most clouds and turbulence.
- Less power (~75 kW SHP in lowest 98.5% winds) required to maintain station at ~21 km due to lower average wind speed.

- Does not require continuous motive power to remain airborne; can stay up for weeks; longer than an airplane.

- Less vibration than an airplane.

- Low air speed:
- Reduces boundary layer effects on payload.
- Eliminates need to fully enclose telescope.
- Facilitates larger aperture and greater sky coverage

- Airship hull can serve as or house an inflatable antenna and/or solar/beamed power reflector = large reflector size at less cost.

- Platform potentially has larger payload capacity than an airplane, allowing it and its instrumentation to be used for multiple applications: Atmospheric observation, environmental study, mapping, surveillance, deep space communications, domestic communications, broadcasting, etc. = less cost per function and a wider range of customers.

- Large size and potentially continuous presence = public visibility.


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