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Proposed Payloads & their Locations on the Actual Multiple Function ALAT Platform

- 3 TO 3.5 METER TELESCOPE(S) (On top, lower sides, or on a controllable array assembly which can be rotated to protect telescopes).

- Primary Mirror = F/1.0; Cassegrain Focus = F/15.
- Focusing Telecompressor = 0.6x to 0.8x.
- Wide Field Imaging Telecompressor = 0.2x.
- Fields of View = 0.016 deg. & 0.08 deg. with 12 mm CCDs.
- Field Acquisition Fields of View = 50 deg., 4 deg., & 0.3 deg.
- Mounting = Altitude / Azimuth with Optional 3rd Cross Axis.
- Used for observation, surveillance, tracking, ranging, & deep-space optical communication.


. Enhanced by nearby deployment of an optional small opaque robotic LTA device to create an artificial "eclipse" (should be effective at ~21 km altitude).

- 0.5 to 0.75 meter air to air & air to ground OPTICAL COMMUNICATION & SURVEILLANCE TELESCOPE (Below middle front).

- Can theoretically resolve license plate numbers from up to 40 km.
- Primary Mirror = f/1.0 to f/2.0; Cassegrain Focus = f/6 to f/15.
- Mounting = Inverted Alt /Az with Optional 3rd Cross Axis.

- RF RELAY TRANSCEIVER (Below center or inside).

In addition to utilizing conventional antennas, sections of the airship hull can serve as inflatable antenna reflectors or the hull can enclose inflatable antennas nearly as large as its diameter. This will shield them from deformation by the wind and other forces. Steerable feed allows antenna pointing without changing platform orientation. Uses include communications, radio astronomy, and orbital object imaging/ranging. Concept can also be applied as a means to concentrate beamed power in order to permit use of a smaller and lighter beamed power collector (rectenna).

- BEAMED POWER (Below or inside middle front or rear of platform).


- REGIONAL POSITION REFERENCE and automobile, etc. tracking sensors.


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